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Where we undertake our residential assessments

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All staff have been so supportive and I’m so grateful for everything. At the beginning I didn’t like it at Majestic but as time went on, I came to realise that everything that was done and said to me wasn’t to be horrible or rude but so that I parented in the right way. I’m so happy for this and can’t thank the staff at Majestic enough.

Sophie, Mother

I’m very happy at the unit and feel that the support offered has been extremely beneficial.

Ben, Father

The support that I have received has definitely made me a better parent.

Mason, Father

Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated assessments

Evaluative, well-reasoned recommendations are made to the courts and local authorities as a direct consequence of skilled assessment practices. A recent accolade received from counsel for a local authority suggested that one particular assessment be redacted and used as a model assessment for training purposes.


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