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Our Team and the work that we do

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Majestic Family Services offers residential family assessments and parenting support programmes to children and their families. We have two Residential Family Centres, The Laurels and The Elms- both within close proximity of one another. The Laurels- a five bedded unit is our flagship centre and has been in operation since 2012. It was judged by our Regulatory body- Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ in our most recent inspection. Drawing on the expertise we have developed over the last 10 years, we were keen to be able to offer a service to more families in need and recently had registration approved by Ofsted for our second home- The Elms, which can accommodate up to eight families.

Our aim is to offer the highest quality parenting assessments, which are robust and evidence based, with the child firmly at the heart of every assessment.

In addition to assessments, we provide nurturing individually tailored support programmes to try to empower parents to provide ‘good enough’ parenting.

We aim to provide objective and comprehensive assessments of families to assist placing authorities and the courts in making decisions about the welfare of young people. Our staff team work in partnership with parents and professionals to provide the best possible service to ensure the safety and well-being of families and children.

We work with families from across the country, and offer assessments to suit the needs of each individual family.  Find out more about our assessments.


We are committed to helping families to break negative cycles and support parents to try to achieve positive changes. We ensure that we provide robust, balanced, evidence based and most importantly child focused assessments.

When there are concerns regarding a parent’s ability to care for their child(ren), there is a need for well-informed decisions to be made about each child’s future. Our highly trained staff will collate and provide comprehensive information that will help enable important decisions to be made in the best interests of the child.

Majestic Family Services will continuously strive in our aim to deliver the best possible service to all parents and children placed with us.

The Company Directors

Ross Barnett

Director & Responsible Individual

Majestic Family Services was formed to really make a difference to the lives of children and families. We strive to provide outstanding, evidence based parenting capacity assessments, as well as first class support to families placed with us.

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Ross Barnett

Ross Barnett is the Responsible Individual and one of the company’s founding Directors. He has over 20 years’ experience of working with children and their families. Ross is a qualified Social Worker, registered with SWE. He began his career within Local Authority front line child protection teams and mental health team. In 2005 Ross established a residential therapeutic group of children’s homes, therapeutic schools and a fostering service and has a passion for residential therapeutic care. He has a BSc Hons degree in Psychology and holds the Registered Manager’s Award.

Kate Scoins

Operations Director

Ross and I founded Majestic in 2011 with a shared motivation to provide high quality assessments of parental capacity, but where the parent could also be provided with intensive support. I have been proud to see the service develop from strength to strength with each passing year. We continually strive to improve and excel in the service we offer to families and professionals, always ensuring that the highest standards of assessment are produced.

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Kate Scoins

Kate Scoins is the Operations Director, and one of the company’s founding Directors and until July 2021 also held the post of Registered Manager. Kate is a qualified Social Worker with SWE registration and has worked with Children and Families for twenty years. Kate has worked for the Local Authority within various front line child protection and fostering teams. She also holds a BS Hons Degree in Specialist Practice in Social Care (Children and Families). Prior to commencing her role at Majestic Family Services in 2011, Kate was the Specialist Lead Social Worker for the East Kent Parent and Child Scheme. She is trained in the use of the Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMS). Kate also holds a Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (Registered Manager’s Award) and the Practice Assessor’s Award- Level 1 and 2.

The Senior Leadership Team

Our homes are managed by experienced, qualified social workers. Our objective is to provide early intervention and support to parents to help them recognise and effectively promote the needs of their children.

Jacqui Nicholls

Manager- The Laurels

Jacqui is the Manager at the Laurels and qualified in 2004.

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Jacqui Nicholls

Jacqui Nicholls is the Manager at The Laurels and has been a qualified social worker since 2004. She has completed her level 7 certificate in Leadership and Management Skills, Post Qualifying Award, Practice Assessor’s award Level 1, and is SWE registered. Since qualifying Jacqui has worked within the Local Authority as a child protection social worker and was the private fostering social worker for East Kent. She moved from child protection to gain further experience working with adults in a community mental health team and then gained further experience working within an independent fostering agency for 10 years as a supervising social worker then progressing to Registered Manager position.  Jacqui is passionate about improving outcomes and opportunities afforded to children and their families and will strive to ensure that this is a consistent focus of her role. Enabling children to achieve positive outcomes and evidencing this is a vital part of a child’s journey.

Amy Noone

Registered Manager- The Elms

Amy Noone is the Registered Manager at The Elms and is a qualified Social Worker, and has worked with Majestic Family Services since 2013.

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Amy Noone

Amy Noone, Registered Manager of The Elms has worked for Majestic Family Services since 2013. Throughout these 9 years Amy has developed a sound understanding of residential parenting assessments and the procedures surrounding such a service. Amy is a qualified social worker registered with Social Work England and has experience of over 25 years working with children and their families. Along with her social work diploma Amy holds a BSc (Hons) Inter professional health and social care and a BSc (Hons) in Early childhood studies and Behavioural studies. Prior to working for Majestic Family Services Amy worked for Kent County Council as a senior practitioner establishing a sound understanding of family assessments in court proceedings. Since working with Majestic Family Services Amy has undertaken further training with Women’s Aid in respect of domestic abuse and is trained in the use of the Parenting Assessment Manual PAMs developed by Sue McGaw for undertaking assessment with parents with learning difficulties. Amy has also worked alongside David Shemmings team and has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the parenting assessment framework undertaken by Majestic Family Services.

Serena Bartram

Deputy Manager- The Laurels

Serena has worked in the childcare sector for over twenty years and has been with Majestic for 9 years.

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Serena Bartram

The Deputy Manager at The Laurels is Serena Bartram. Serena has been in post at Majestic for nine years. Serena has worked in the childcare sector for over twenty years. Serena has an NVQ Level 3 in Care of Children and Young People, NVQ Level 4 in Care and NVQ Level 4 for Managers in Residential childcare, (Registered Managers Award). Serena also has a Diploma in Therapeutic Childcare and Education and holds an A1 Award Level 3 in Assessing Candidates.

Hayley Long

Deputy Manager- The Elms

Hayley Long, Deputy Manager of The Elms has over 15 years’ experience working in the social care sector.

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Hayley Long

Hayley Long, Deputy Manager of The Elms has over 15 years’ experience working in the social care sector. These positions have included working as a social work assistant for a private fostering agency and working in the local hospital in the special care baby unit as a neonatal nursery nurse working primarily with babies born addicted to substance and their families. Prior to coming to work for Majestic Hayley set up and managed a local Supervised Contact Centre and gained the accreditation from the relevant awarding bodies. Hayley has extensive experience in multi-agency working and has a NVQ Level 3 in Early Childhood Studies.

Louise Caudrey

Lead Assessing Social Worker

Louise is a qualified social worker and is registered with Social Work England.

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Louise Caudrey

Louise Caudrey, is a qualified Social Worker, graduating with 1st Class Honours in Social work in  2012. She has been employed by Majestic Family Services since August 2022.

Prior to working for Majestic Family Services, Louise was a Senior Practitioner for Kent County Council within a Children’s Social Work Team for nine years, and prior to that worked for Thackeray Drive Parenting Assessment Unit in the London Borough of Redbridge. Louise has experience completing Children and Families Assessments, Child in Need, Child Protection, Care Proceedings, Parenting Assessments, Court and Private Law work.


Laura Osborn

Lead Assessing Social Worker

Laura Osborn is a qualified Social Worker, registered with Social Work England and holds a BA (Hons) in Social Work (First Class Honors).

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Laura Osborn

Laura qualified as a social worker in 2018. Prior to joining Majestic, Laura worked for several Local Authorities undertaking front line Children’s Services social work. Laura has experience of working with cases in court proceedings, child in need and child protection cases, working with unaccompanied minors, and with looked after children.

Emily Ellison

Lead Assessing Social Worker

Emily Ellison is a qualified Social Worker, is registered with Social Work England and holds a BA (Hons) in Social Work (2:1).

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Emily Ellison

Emily Ellison is a qualified Social Worker, is registered with Social Work England and holds a BA (Hons) in Social Work (2:1). After qualifying as social worker in 2017, Emily worked in a front line Local Authority Children and Families Team working Child in Need and Child Protection cases, and cases within care proceedings.

Lisa Pearce

Family Nurse

Lisa Pearce is a qualified nurse with a RGN registration and has worked with children and families for twenty years.

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Lisa Pearce

Lisa Pearce is a qualified nurse with a RGN registration and has worked with children and families for twenty years. Prior to commencing her role at Majestic, Lisa worked on a Special Care Baby Unit for over fourteen years. Lisa was also the Professional Lead for breastfeeding and babies with Cleft lip/ palates. More recently Lisa worked as a School Nurse managing a case load of families with school aged children. Health promotion was at the forefront of Lisa’s practice whilst in this position. Lisa has expanded her knowledge over the years and has successfully completed a wide range of study. Lisa joined Majestic in 2018 as the Family Nurse for the service. Lisa provides both residents and staff with relevant and current health advice based on information taken from reputable sources such as the NHS and NICE. Lisa ensures that all aspects related to health in the home run as smoothly as possible and she is on hand to offer guidance whenever it is needed.

Hayley Lawley

Lead Assessing Social Worker

Hayley Lawley qualified as a social worker in 2014 and is registered with Social work England

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Hayley Lawley

Hayley is one of the assessing social workers here at Majestic Family Services and has been employed since August 2022. Hayley has worked with Children and Families and children with disabilities throughout her social work career. She has worked for the Local Authority within various front line child protection teams, she has experience working within public and private law. Hayley is trained in the use of Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMS), Brooke Traffic Light Tool and also holds Level 2 in British Sign Language. She also holds a post graduate certificate in Observing and communicating with children gained in 2017.

Why Majestic was formed

Majestic was founded in 2011 by Ross Barnett and Kate Scoins, both qualified social workers who had both undertaken their social work training together in 2002. Both Ross and Kate shared a desire to support the many families in need of intensive support and education, often who have faced a multitude of adversities in the life making the challenge of parenting a potentially complex task for them.

After establishing a number of therapeutic residential children's homes and DfE registered SEMH school, Ross was particularly influenced by the case of a teenager in one of his residential children’s homes who was pregnant and her local authority was struggling to identify a suitable service that could support and assess her, so he started to look closely at the services that could help support parents in need of intensive support and assessment of their parenting capacity.

Kate, was aware of the excellent support that foster carers can offer to parents and children but knew that not all parents and children were suitable for foster placements and that most foster carers weren't able to provide the intensive assessments that many families needed.

Ross and Kate therefore began looking into how they could help those parents whose needs would be best suited in other forms of supportive settings. They wanted to be part of helping to provide opportunities for parents and children to remain together by trying to equip parents with the knowledge and skills they would need to safely parent their children.

Since 2011, Majestic has grown from strength to strength. The demand for our assessments led to Majestic expanding in 2016 to a larger property to enable us to take more families. We aim to continue to improve our service and have a multi-skilled programme of support and assessment.

Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated assessments

Assessments are conducted extremely well. The balance between assessment, support and guidance is thoughtful and reflective. Assessments change to consider the current parenting issues and parents progress quickly and responsively. One parent said in feedback to the centre: ‘Everyone works as a team. I could not ask for more support from them. They have made me more confident.


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