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We provide a range of Residential Assessments, Community Placements and Viability Assessments.

We offer a safe environment for parents and expectant parents who have experienced difficulties providing safe parenting for their children/ unborn children. We offer a service to parents and children of all ages, but specialise in undertaking assessments of parents with young children/babies. Our staff team will provide a feeling of safety through the introduction of a nurturing environment which in turn promotes an environment conducive to the assessment process.

Within the community, we provide parenting assessments, parenting programmes and support for families living in their own homes.

Residential Assessments

We provide a range of Residential Assessments for families, undertaking the majority of our residential assessments within timescales between 6 – 12 weeks.
However, within these time frames, we reserve the right to suspend/terminate an assessment if, at any stage, it is felt that it is not in the best interests of the child for the placement to continue. Should such a situation arise, full consultation with the Social Worker and Children’s Guardian would take place, and a final decision would be made in conjunction with these professionals.
The groups eligible for residential assessments at Majestic include young parents under the age of 16, or care-leavers, parents with mental health concerns or learning needs, and parents with drug and alcohol related issues. The house provides a safe and supportive environment for all family groups in which parental interaction can be positively developed and family relationships nurtured.

Community Placements

Majestic also conducts assessments and provides community based parenting assessments, parenting programmes and support for families who may be living in their own homes (this can only be provided in Kent and neighbouring Local Authorities). The level of staff input is flexible, and each parenting support programme is customised to suit each family’s needs.

Viability Assessments

We will undertake paper based viability assessments free of charge (subject to the documentation for perusal not exceeding on level arch file). We will charge a cost of £100 for viability assessments that require perusal of documentation in excess of one lever arch file.

We can provide two week viability assessments, whereby the family reside at Majestic and a report is produced by Majestic at the conclusion of the two week period.

Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated assessments

Assessments are conducted extremely well. The balance between assessment, support and guidance is thoughtful and reflective. Assessments change to consider the current parenting issues and parents progress quickly and responsively. One parent said in feedback to the centre: ‘Everyone works as a team. I could not ask for more support from them. They have made me more confident.


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