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Making sure you know what to expect in your residential assessment

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I have only ever had positive experiences with staff during my contact with Majestic. The support provided to the family has ensured well evidenced reports and a clear picture of where the parent is at in respect of their capacity to parent. The reports have been thorough, well evidenced and referenced. The reports provide a clear picture of the child and have clear justifiable conclusions and recommendations that are safe and child focussed.

Child's Guardian

All of the staff are lovely. I really enjoyed working with them. I have matured and grown to see things in a different way. I really enjoyed my stay here. Thank you to all staff for making me feel at home.

Lisa, Mother

If it wasn’t for Majestic I don’t think that I would have been able to show that I can parent the right way. Thank you so much. I’ve found my stay here very positive and helpful.

Nathan, Father

Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated assessments

The staff consistently concentrate on what is in a child’s best interests and they work hard to help parents to develop a similar focus. The staff are clear about what skills and attitudes parents must demonstrate to show that they have ‘good enough’ parenting skills.


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