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How long does a referral to Majestic take?

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We’ve streamlined our referral process to ensure the most timely path from referral to family placement.

Upon receipt of a referral, we will respond within a maximum of 72 hours but usually far sooner. We will endeavour to respond on the same day depending upon the quality of information and size of the referral documentation.

Once we have accepted the placement, we will accept the placement from the date of our next vacancy. We encourage parents and the social worker to visit the placement prior to the placement start date to alleviate any anxiety for the parents. Please note that retainer fees may be necessary to hold placements whilst waiting for the next vacancy to arise.

We also advocate the initial placement planning meeting taking prior to the placement start date, although we appreciate that this is not always possible. Where it is not possible the placement meeting will take place on the day of arrival. We encourage parents to attend with a family member or an advocate if they feel that additional support for them may be of benefit to them.

In the first week of the placement, we try to give the parent as much time to settle as possible, showing them the local area.

Majestic will provide weekly updates to the social worker either via telephone, face to face or via email regarding the parent’s progress. The parent will have weekly key working sessions which focus on what has gone well, and what they need to work on in the forthcoming phase of placement. This is in addition the daily feedback they receive.

Majestic will provide regular reports to the Local Authority and all other parties. In a standard 12 week assessment these reports will be provided in week 4, week 7, week 10 and a final report at the conclusion of the assessment.

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