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Deputy Manager (Qualified SW)

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  • Closing date: 14/05/2021
  • Position: Full time
  • Salary: £38,000-£48,000

You must be a Qualified Social Worker in order to apply for this role.

Job Summary:

To assist the Registered Manager in ensuring that the National Minimum Standards and Regulations for Residential Family Centre families are exceeded and families in placement live in a safe environment whereby the welfare of children is paramount during their time at the house.

To lead a team of Senior and Residential Assessment staff in the exemplary delivery of support and assessment programme to families and Placing Authorities.

Manage the day to day routine tasks of the establishment which will include responsibility for the welfare of the residents, managing staff, assisting the admission and discharge of residents and the resources and the fabric of the building.

To lead a small caseload of parenting assessments

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Have a good understanding of Majestic Family Services policies and practice standards and play a key role in ensuring that the home’s policies and procedures are reviewed and updated.
  2. Demonstrate a working knowledge and give guidance to other staff on Regulations for Residential Family Centres, 2002, The Children Act 1989, Care Standards Act 2000, Equal Opportunities Policies, National Minimum Standards for Residential Family Centres.
  3. To be available for all inspections by Ofsted and to assist the Home Manager in implementing any recommendations and/or requirements from all regulation Ofsted inspections.
  4. To adhere to the Local Authority Child Protection and Adult Protection Safeguarding Procedures.
  5. To demonstrate by example, good childcare practice and a professional approach to work with residents and their families.
  6. Maximise the use of the community facilities for the benefit of the residents, developing and maintaining relationships with the local community.
  7. To ensure that all residents receive a sensitive residential service that best meets their social, racial, psychological, educational, cultural, physical identity and health care needs.
  8. To promote a working culture of self-awareness and understanding of others behaviours, and its effect on colleagues and residents, and to reinforce this through constructive feedback which includes:
    • Undertaking regular supervision with staff
    • Attend and assist in leading team meetings when required
    • Undertaking probationary reviews along with the Home Manager
    • Undertaking staff yearly appraisals along with the Home Manager
    • Assist the manager in the responsibility for ensuring any disciplinary processes and complaints are followed in accordance with guidance and concluded as swiftly as possible.
    • To identify training needs within the team and ensuring all staff are up to date with all training.
    • To play a key role in staff recruitment and undertaking safer recruitment practices.
  1. Ensuring rotas are covered in a cost-effective way that also meets the support and supervision requirements of the families in placement.
  2. To be on call when rostered, and to make yourself available to offer advice to staff in emergencies either via telephone or by physically attending the centre if and when it is necessary to do so.
  3. Assist the Home Manager in leading the Team through Regulation 25 visits.
  4. To work alongside and in partnership with team members and other professionals (Social Workers, Police, Education, Solicitors, Guardians and Health) to help residents reach targets and expectations as outlined in their placements plans.
  5. To be responsible for ensuring that Fire Regulations and Health and Safety Regulations are met, appropriate records are kept and that fire drill procedure are adhered to in accordance with majestic Family Services policies and procedures.
  6. Ensure that all risk assessments are appropriately updated and reviewed in order to ensure optimal outcomes.
  7. Ensuring incident reports are completed and when by others, to an appropriate standard and that Ofsted Notifications are completed where necessary within required timescales.
  8. To complete the Schedule 23 monthly checks and pass them to the Home Manager no later than one week after the end of the reporting month. Assist the Home Manager, ensuring that the Ofsted six monthly Regulation 23 report is also completed.
  9. To ensure that the service complies with regulatory requirements.
  10. To undertake all required administrative tasks needed to ensure the smooth running of the service and any other task as reasonably
  11. To work in accordance with the Statement of Purpose and Function of the centre and to manage the Centre’s health & safety responsibilities in conjunction with other delegated staff.
  12. In liaison with other staff, enable and lead the participation of residents in various meetings and groups as part of the residential environment.
  13. To ensure that residents, their families and significant others have the opportunity to participate in the placement planning for parents and children as appropriate.
  14. Ensuring that residential staff are keeping you well informed of day to day events in respect of each of your resident families and coordinating each plan of work for the staff to undertake with the families.
  15. Ensuring that all assessment are completed within given timescales and cover the objectives of the placement, and comply with any Letters of Instruction.
  16. To support staff in the role of key worker, in order to carry out the tasks identified in the placement plan.
  17. To be responsible for ensuring that Family logs are read regularly and signed off.
  18. Effective data management of all information regarding resident families and referrals, maintaining confidentiality at all times in accordance with Data Protection Act and GDPR.
  19. To produce high-quality assessments in accordance with Majestic’s assessment templates
  20. To assist when necessary with referral screening.
  21. Attend training courses and other development opportunities as agreed with the line manager to ensure compliance with SWE and CPD requirements.
  22. To take primary responsibility for and contributing to the multidisciplinary assessment of a family’s needs and to participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of placement plans.
  23. To be responsible for directing staff in regular individual programmes and direct work with families, and to ensure continuity of this activity.
  24. To facilitate contact with family and friends for residents where this is in their best interests.
  25. Draw up placement (s) agreements and assessment plans with all those involved in the placement and work alongside social workers, family members, and any other agencies within the placement plan programme
  26. To ensure that the service complies with regulatory requirements.
  27. To lead the house when the manager is absent.
  28. Remain registered with SWA and abide by the ethics and values.
  29. Demonstrate and guide staff members on up to date social work practice and theory.
  30. To undertake all required administrative tasks needed to ensure the smooth running of the service and any other task as reasonably requested by the Home Manager.

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Ofsted 'Outstanding' rated assessments

Assessments are conducted extremely well. The balance between assessment, support and guidance is thoughtful and reflective. Assessments change to consider the current parenting issues and parents progress quickly and responsively. One parent said in feedback to the centre: ‘Everyone works as a team. I could not ask for more support from them. They have made me more confident.


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