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Welcome to Majestic Family Services

“ The service has significant strengths and strives to be a centre of excellence dedicated to enhancing lives” Ofsted

Majestic Family Services is a Centre of Excellence in residential family assessment services, we specialise in assessing parenting skills to ensure that children are safe and protected. Our specialist team of experts offer a unique service resulting in unrivalled comprehensive independent assessments.


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Our house is managed by an experienced qualified social worker and a highly trained staff team. Our objective is to provide early intervention and support to parents to help them recognise and effectively promote the needs of their children.


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We make a commitment to helping families break all previous negative cycles and build positive relationships allowing children to reach their full potential and achieve positive life outcomes in line with the Government’s Help Children Achieve More Agenda.


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This website provides an online resource for social services, legal services, and families as an insight in to the day to day high standards of care being provided to those living at Majestic Family Services. 

“ Families benefit from a good service with outstanding health provision. This is related to an exceptional level of individualised training and support for parents" Ofsted

“ The Quality of assessments is Outstanding." Ofsted

The Laurels House

The Laurels House

Registered accomodation for single parent families or larger family units.

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All referrals are considered and we will work creatively in order to provide a tailored package of assessment to meet the needs of each family.

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If you have any questions regarding our services or simply want to talk to one of our staff please call us on 01843 821188 or use our contact form.

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For the latest job vacancies and descriptions along with an online application form.

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