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“ Children’s safety is of paramount importance.” Ofsted

All referrals are considered and we will work creatively in order to provide a tailored package of assessment to meet the needs of the families using one (or a combination) of the following approaches:

1 / Viability Assessment

This type of Assessment allows us to assess whether we believe there
is merit in the family undergoing a full parenting assessment within the residential unit or in a community setting. During this assessment we review all available documentation, interview the client parent(s) and observe them in contact with their child(ren) wherever possible.

2 / Residential Services

Our aim is to balance detailed monitoring with our work in helping parents gain the knowledge and the skills required to care adequately for, and to protect, their child(ren). We will offer placements for both one parent of either sex and to couples and their child (ren).

The usual length of an assessment is around 12 weeks, but sometimes an assessment will be extended for a longer period if it is felt the parents/ child(ren) would benefit from this.

The Assessment itself is an interactive, evidence based process. It considers all aspects of an individual’s (and where two parents are being assessed, a couple’s) parenting capacity. Our reporting system is fundamental to providing the best service for referring agencies. The primary tool we use is the DOH Framework for Assessment of Children and Families 2000. This is complimented by other assessment techniques such as Sheridan’s model to measure children’s physical development and Fahlberg’s model to measure children’s emotional development and attachment behaviour. We are trained in and use the Parenting Assessment Manual (PAMs) developed by Sue McGaw for undertaking assessments with parents with learning difficulties. Psychological and Psychiatric assessment and Family Therapy is also available. 

We provide Fortnightly reports throughout the duration of the placement, and an Interim report at the mid- way stage of the placement. Once all information has been collated and anlaysed, a full comprehensive parenting assessment is provided at the conclusion of the placement.

Some families may require longer-term residential support in order to learn and develop adequate parenting skills. These groups may include young parents under the age of 16, or care-leavers, parents with mental health concerns or learning disabilities, and parents with drug and alcohol related issues.

The house provides a safe and supportive environment for these family groups in which parental interaction can be positively developed and family relationships nurtured.

3 / Community Assessment

Majestic also conducts assessments and provides parenting programmes and support for
families who may be living in their own homes. The level of staff input is totally flexible, and each parenting support programme is customised to suit each family's needs.

“ My experience of this service was superb. We risk-assessed together to give the parents every chance of succeeding. I have recommended this centre to others.” Placing Social Worker

The Laurels House

The Laurels House

Registered accomodation for single parent families or larger family units.

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All referrals are considered and we will work creatively in order to provide a tailored package of assessment to meet the needs of each family.

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If you have any questions regarding our services or simply want to talk to one of our staff please call us on 01843 821188 or use our contact form.

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