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About Us

“ The centre demonstrates an innovative approach to care practices.”

Majestic Family Services is owned and run by Qualified Social Workers with a vast amount of knowledge and experience of working with children and families.

We are a centre of excellence in residential family assessment and offer the highest quality assessment helping families and children improve their outcomes and reach their full potential.

We offer services to the following groups:

  • Families referred for independent residential assessment whose children may be at risk.
  • Families who need longer-term residential support in learning and developing parenting skills.
  • Young parents and single parent families - Specialists in mother and baby assessments
  • Families who will benefit from non-residential support within the
  • Families with learning difficulties

  • Families with drug, alcohol or behavioural issues

Our highly skilled staff team includes workers with extensive experience from social care, health and therapeutic backgrounds. We are able to provide psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic support as required. With permission from the parent and the referrer, we arrange for all parents to have a cognative assessment shortly after their arrival with us, in order to help inform the most appropriate ways in which we can tailor our work to suit the individual needs of each parent in placement.

We encourage all parents to access support via groups and appropriate courses out in the community, and have excellent links with local services. We also offer a range of workshops and groups in- house throughout the duration of any placement. These cover key areas relating to personal development and self- care skills for the parent such as, diet, nutrition, cooking, budgeting, financial planning, relationships and sexual health. We also address child related areas such as attachment, child development, play and children’s health. Heath and child development workshops are predominately facilitated by Majestic’s qualified Nurse.  We also commission services such as baby massage and nutrition training which are held within the centre.

Our recent Ofsted report, in which we received an overall scoring of Good, with an Outstanding in Be Healthy stated: “Families receive an exceptional range of holistic support. They benefit from extensive resources which actively promote their health, well- being and self- esteem. There is strong emphasis on understanding families and meticulously addressing their individualised needs.”

The well-being of the children is our primary focus throughout all facets of our assessment process. We provide an objective assessment to Children’s Services and the Courts. We place great importance on maintaining open and timely communication with all professionals involved with the family to ensure that they are kept up to date with the families progress in placement.

Our approach is based on an integrative model. Our work is attachment based, focussing on the importance of primary and secondary attachment and how this allows the family unit to create a safe, secure base thus allowing members to grow and reach their full potential. All of our work is client centered and we encourage parents to make positive choices and achieve realistic goals through solution focussed therapeutic techniques.   

“ The safety and welfare of the babies and children residing with their parents are at the very core of the centre’s practice.”

“ I love the genuine care and compassion the staff have at the Laurels. I feel they really care and want to help you and your child achieve your best. I am glad places like The Laurels exist, enabling learning and growing as a parent.”
Parent who resided at Majestic Family Services

The Laurels House

The Laurels House

Registered accomodation for single parent families or larger family units.

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All referrals are considered and we will work creatively in order to provide a tailored package of assessment to meet the needs of each family.

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If you have any questions regarding our services or simply want to talk to one of our staff please call us on 01843 821188 or use our contact form.

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